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    Roof Services Newmarket

    Warner Roofing Services in Newmarket

    It tends to get pretty cold in Newmarket, which is why we offer services to help you combat any leaks or damage to your roof that may emerge as a stumbling block in the months to come. Our roofing contractors specialize in roofing carpentry, roof repair, metal roofing, metal flashing, insulation and ventilation, flat roof, and installation of shingles, vents, and skylights.

    Coming soon to Warner Roofing is an expansion of our services for siding, eavestrough, and soffit/fascia. Your home is sure to become the most beautiful one on the street with this level of mastery! A lot of things go into making a high-quality roof — from the roof framing, underlay membrane, insulation, shingles, vents and flashing; we’ll make sure that you enjoy an extended roof life and energy efficiency.

    Your Safety Is Our Priority

    The roof choices that you could have are almost endless, but unfortunately, so are potential roof damages; one day, it’s a leaky roof, and the next, it’s a gaping hole!

    Warner Roofing is an award-winning roofing company with over 20 years of experience in getting roofing done right by eliminating the chances of any accidents. You’ll always have a sturdy roof upon your head, no matter what the conditions are like. We can repair the damaged components of your roof and fix any leaks with modern and long-lasting solutions. Our roofing contractors are qualified individuals who communicate with our customers to ensure satisfaction on the roof service being delivered.

    With the use of high-quality materials that can sustain the numerous challenges the weather throws at them without any chances of rusting or cracking, high-quality roofers work systematically to ensure perfection and protection for your home and valuables. Our long-term warranties and competitive market prices have enabled us to remain superior in our niche. So, if you can spot tears and water stains in the roof cover or bubbles caused due to water standing on the roof, give the experts at Warner Roofing a shout!

    Did you know poor-quality roofing could be costing you over 40% in wasted energy? Why risk it when you can fix it! We conduct regular roof inspections in Newmarket; this includes the replacement of any loose tiles or shingles, roof cleaning and sealing to wash away the dirt and debris of yesterday, as well as the clearing of valley and gutters, so you have water flowing down the drains when the sun melts away the snow on your roof. We’ll get it done fast and always with the highest of quality.

    Avoid Runaway Roofing Costs!

    With Warner Roofing Inc., there are no hidden costs with our roofing projects. That means you get an estimate that is:

    • Final
    • Has no surprises along the way
    • No hidden fees or extra costs at the end of the job

    We are pleased to offer financing options on our roof replacement projects. You can apply for financing for a new roof here.

      • Kathleen
        Wonderful from start to finish. Fantastic communication, accurate quote, reasonable price. More inclusions in the price than all but the highest bidder, for much less. Workers were courteous, clean up was excellent. Follow up was incredible - including TWO trips back to make sure our satellite dish was working again! Very, very pleased.
        From Innisfill, ON
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