Roof Shingles

Residential roof repairs and roof replacements are our specialty. We use Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration and BP Everest shingles that carry Lifetime Warranties. While it’s true that any roofing company can buy these shingles, the question is – are they installing them properly? Warner Roofing is an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and a BP Certified Installer, which means the manufacturers have approved our application of their shingles according to rigid technical specifications and requirements.

It all starts with one of our Roofing Consultants coming to your home to take a look at your roof. After they complete their walkaround, they’ll discuss your concerns and review the scope of work. We then want to discuss the findings with you, the materials we use, the warranties and our 10-Step Installation process. We want our clients to learn all about the roofing installation process so that you can see the difference a professional installation makes. We will then diligently prepare the estimate for your project and send it over as soon as its complete.

Asphalt shingles
  • The next step is booking in your roof repair or roof replacement project! We will give you an estimated date for your roofing project (weather dependent).
  • The big day is here! Our crew, the materials and the disposal bin arrive in the morning and everyone gets to work.
  • First, we do a walk around your property to plan how to protect your house. We will protect your central air units, lower windows and landscaping. Patio furniture and BBQs are moved out of the way and tarps and plywood are used to protect your property.
  • The crew then starts on your roofing project. They remove all the old roof shingles, all the old underlayment and clean the plywood! We take pictures of this, so you can see the plywood.
  • Our crew will also perform an attic inspection so they can take a look and address any ventilation issues that you may have. We don’t just re-shingle your roof, we ensure the whole roofing system is working properly. We do this by entering your roof from the top of your house; no need for anyone to walk through your home.
  • We then apply 3 feet of ice and water shield at the eaves and in each valley. Then, we cover the whole roof in synthetic underlayment.
  • The re-shingling begins. This is where we see your new roof come to life. Each slope is masterfully shingled using proper spacing and installed correctly as per manufacturer instructions (no racking from our crews).
  • If your roof is going to take more than 1 day to complete, we will only open up the portion of the roof that we will complete in one day, so there are no worries if it rains overnight.
  • Once your roofing project is complete and looking beautiful, our team takes their time cleaning up. They will magnet the ground all over your property to make sure there are no nails or debris anywhere.

And we don’t leave you there. Unlike many roofing companies that offer 5-year protection, each of our re-roofing projects is protected by either a 10 or 15-year labour warranty to go along with the product warranty. Read more about our roofing warranties here.

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