Metal Roofing

Metal roofs have become increasingly common over the years. More and more homeowners are choosing metal roofs over traditional asphalt and fiberglass shingles due to their longer life, minimal maintenance, enhanced curb appeal, and greater value. Warner Roofing is an Authorized Installer of The Bayview Roofing Collection (Buchner Manufacturing) and Vic West metal roofing products, and we offer a wide selection of metal roof tiles and standing-seam metal roof panels.

There are many reasons to consider a metal roof for your home:


Environmentally Friendly

Metal is 100% recyclable. The primary ingredient in asphalt is tar, a derivative of petroleum, which is toxic, messy, and can’t be recycled.

Looks good longer

Traditional roofing materials have shorter life spans and need to be replaced every 10 to 20 years. Metal roofs look as good as the day they were installed 50 years later.

Stylish Option

Metal roofs offer the appearance of natural materials like slate, shake, and clay tiles, but without the high cost and maintenance. Specialized paint coatings result in multi-hued finishes that are designed to look even more like their natural counterparts.


Most metal roofing materials feature anti-corrosive metallic coating with self-healing properties that protects it from rusting. On top of this coating is a paint finish designed to minimize color fade over time. Metal roofs retain close to 90% of their value at resale.

Improves Energy Efficiency

In addition to featuring paints that reflect the sun’s rays, metal roofs are formed to stop the conductive flow of heat. Testing has shown metal tiles can reduce heat gain by approximately 40% compared to traditional asphalt shingles.

Metal roofs also come with many misconceptions, a few of which include:


Metal roofs are loud when it rains

Metal roofs aren’t really louder than asphalt or laminated shingled roofs. If you’re thinking of a metal roof on a barn, for example, then sure, it would be very loud. But metal roofs on residential homes are installed with solid sheathing and a layer of insulation beneath the metal, thereby reducing exterior noise from wind and rain.

Metal roofs attract lightning

While metal is conductive, lightning is not drawn to it – it is attracted to the highest object in the area, like trees, hydro poles, towers and antennas. If lightning does strike, a metal roof gives lightning a lower resistance path to the earth. It’s the same rationale as to why you’re safer in your car during an electrical storm than beside it.

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If you’re curious about metal roofing, talk to the experts at Warner Roofing to learn more about the benefits, products, options and value associated with installing a metal roof.

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