Roofing Frequently Asked Questions

Thankfully, doing a roof replacement on your house happens infrequently and chances are when it’s time for one, you have questions. For us, roofing is every day so we’re happy to answer any questions you have.

What kind of warranty do you provide?

Warner Roofing offers 10 & 15-year Labour warranties on our projects. We also offer Manufacturer Warranties.

Owens Corning offers the Total Protection Roofing System with System and Preferred Warranties. Please See Owens Corning Website for all the details: http://roofingca.owenscorning.com/homeowner/total-protection-roofing-system/

BP Canada offers the Weather-Tite Roofing System with a Lifetime Warranty. Please see the BP Canada Website for all the details: https://bpcan.com/systems/weather-tite-roofing-system/

Will my property be cleared up after?

We take our time cleaning up after the job and use a rolling magnet to clean up all the nails and ensure all surfaces are free of roofing debris. We also clean out your eavestroughs.

Do you have Working at Heights training & WSIB coverage?

Yes, our roofing contractors are covered under WSIB and they all have their updated working at heights card.

Do you have Liability Insurance?

We have a $5 Million Dollar Liability insurance policy to protect your home (Most roofing companies have a $1 million in coverage). We will provide you with a copy with your estimate for your records.

When and how do we pay you?
We accept e-transfers, cheques, bank drafts and wire transfers. You can also pay your invoice using Visa or MasterCard. Please note that the credit card fees will be billed additionally, however, the fees are very reasonable. A 30% deposit is required for all re-roofing projects, and most roof repair services can be paid via credit card when booking the appointment (no fees).
Does your roofing company offer financing?

We are pleased to offer financing options on our re-roof projects. You can apply for financing for a new roof here.

What happens if your estimate for materials is wrong?

We will not charge you for extra materials if we underestimate the amount of materials required for your roof repair or replacement.

What happens if it rains?

We will not open your roof if rain is expected. We would just push your roof repair or replacement date to the next day.

What colours of the shingles do you have? Do you have designer colours?

Owens Corning Tru Definition Duration Shingles:


In the middle of the webpage, there are two links that you can click on to help you decide on a single colour: “Available Colours” and just above that “View More Photos”.

You also have the choice of the TruDefinition Designer Colour Collection, with some amazing colour choices. These shingles are special order shingles.

Here is the link to check out these designer colour shingles:


BP Everest:

Here is the link to the manufacturers website for the BP Everest shingles.  https://bpcan.com/produits/everest-42/

In the middle of the web page, you can see the colour choices you have for this shingle, where you can toggle left or right.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a link that allows you to “visualize your roof”. You can upload a picture of your house and change the colour of the shingles on the roof right from your computer. It’s a great tool to use, if you are unsure of which colour to select.

Do you use subcontractors?

Subcontracting is a common practice in the roofing industry because it keeps costs down for the homeowner. But there is a difference when it comes to selecting a crew to do a job. At Warner Roofing, we hand-pick and thoroughly review all of our installers. These are experienced roofers who uphold our standards. We also don’t refer to it as “subcontracting” – we are partnering with other business owners to deliver amazing quality and service to our customers. We are helping these entrepreneurs build their businesses and only align ourselves with other business owners that are providing high-quality service and installation that you expect when working with Warner Roofing. The businesses that we choose to partner with are highly skilled craftsmen that we are happy to bring into the Warner Roofing family by giving them the tools to succeed.

A Warner Roofing foreman always oversees the installation and work performed, and handles the communication with both the homeowner and the office. Once again, we are extremely selective with our partners and only choose the best to ensure the highest level of quality you expect from Warner Roofing.

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