Our Roofing Team

A Crew With 20+ Years Of Roofing Experience

Experienced teams build quality roofs and, on average, our crew has 20+ years experience.

All of them are highly skilled. We’ve hand-picked them from unions that take pride in their work.

Why is experience so important in roofing?

Unlike electricians or carpenters, the roofing business isn’t regulated. There’s no mandated training. Yet your roof is what protects you and your family. So when you’re picking a crew for your roof repair or replacement project, it’s important that you hire a crew that has the experience.

Long-Lasting Quality Is Our Goal

And while some roofing companies encourage their crews to slam on as many shingles as quickly as possible, we make a quality roofing job our only goal.

Making long-lasting roof quality the crew’s goal is one of the reasons we take photos of every job before and after.

We Don't Subcontract

Unlike some roofing companies, we don’t just take your order and pass it off to subcontractors.

In that situation, there’s a good chance they’re just handing your project over to some guy with a truck and a ladder that’s hit or miss when it comes to quality. When it’s sub-contracted, the roofing company has had no involvement with the crew hired to fix your roof.

With Warner Roofing, our owner is always on site and on every roof making sure things run smoothly.

And we’ve carefully handpicked the crew ourselves and can vouch for the quality of the work of each person. There’s no bait & switch here. You’re getting the great product that you’ve read about in our reviews.

Warner Roofing Team
Andrew & Sara Warner Of Warner Roofing Aurora

Andrew Warner is the founder and project lead. He has been in the roofing industry for 10 years specializing in residential services. His passion for his work led him to launch Warner Roofing Inc, with the objective of providing good quality, honest and guaranteed work to his clients.

Andrew has worked hard to establish partnerships with product manufacturers to ensure they provide top of the line materials for every project. Additionally, he has built a team of top tier staff working alongside him, who are knowledgeable and experienced, ensuring every project is handled up to Warner Roofing Inc.’s standards and professionalism. Andrew will continue to work hard to keep costs down and provide a high level of quality and service for his clients.

Sara Prince is the director of operations. A licensed real estate agent with 10 successful years in the business, Sara believes in the importance of communication and client services. From initial contact with the company to project completion, Sara provides exceptional support for Warner Roofing Inc’s clients. Using her expertise in real estate and roofing, there is no question unanswered.

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