Covid-19 Disclaimer

Most organizations, including Warner Roofing have put plans in place to ensure social distancing, while still maintaining business continuity. What this means for both our customers and for us is that we will continue to provide roofing services and operate as close to normal as possible. We have many policies in place for our crews and operations staff that follow all of the provincial health & safety guidelines.

Our crews are all taking the appropriate extended measures to ensure their health & safety, as well as yours. Frequent hand washing, avoiding contact amount each other, and sanitization of all tools used are just some of the ways in which we are keeping safe.

We will continue to do attic inspections, but will be conducting them from the roof by removing a sheet of plywood once the roof has been stripped.

Warner Roofing is primarily focused on the health of our employees, customers and communities.  We are here to protect the integrity of your home, and make sure your roof is functioning properly throughout this time.

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