Our Roofing Team

Experienced Roofing Crews

Experienced teams build quality roofs, and our crews have 20+ years’ experience roofing.

All our crews are highly skilled. We screen and hand-pick them to ensure they meet our standards and processes.

Why is experience so important in roofing?

Unlike electricians or carpenters, the roofing industry isn’t regulated. There’s no mandated training. Yet, your roof is what protects you and your family the most. So, when you’re picking a company for your roof repair or roof replacement project, it’s important that you hire a crew that has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Long-Lasting Quality Is Our Goal

While the majority of roofing companies encourage their crews to slam on as many shingles as quickly as possible, we make a quality roofing job our only goal. Our employees are paid hourly and not by piece work. They are guaranteed a fair wage at the end of the day. When paid by piece work, the goal is to install as many shingles as quickly as possible so that they can earn a decent pay by the end of the day. This results in sloppy workmanship, no attention to detail, and often gives rise to leaks and shingle blow-offs on your roof.

Installing a new roof with long-lasting quality is the crew’s only goal. It’s also one of the reasons we take photos of every project before, during and after.

As an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and BP Certified Roofing Installer, we take the necessary time to properly and accurately install your new roof according to manufacturer’s specifications.

Award Winning Team

Warner Roofing is a highly regarded roofing company and we are thrilled to have been awarded the 2021 Consumer Choice Award for Best Roofing Company in York Region, the 2021 Top Choice Award Winner for Best Roofing Company in Aurora/Newmarket, and hold a 97% Star Score on HomeStars. Know you roof is done right when you choose Warner Roofing.

All of our crews are trained on our unique 10-step process, along with the technicalities of installing each component of your roof. All Warner Roofing projects are installed in the exact same manner.

Warner Roofing Team
Andrew & Sara Warner Of Warner Roofing Aurora

Andrew Warner is the founder and Project Lead. For more than a decade he has specialized in residential roofing services. His passion for his work led him to launch Warner Roofing Inc, with the objective of providing the highest quality roofing work, honesty, straightforwardness, and solid guarantees to his clients.

Andrew has worked hard to establish partnerships with product manufacturers to ensure they provide top-of-the-line materials for every project. Additionally, he has built a team of solid roofing staff working alongside him, along with a knowledgeable and experienced management group, thus ensuring every project is handled up to Warner Roofing Inc.’s standards and professionalism. Andrew continues to work hard to keep costs down and provide the highest level of quality and service for his clients.

Sara Prince is the Director of Operations. A licensed real estate agent with 12 successful years in the business. She has received Outstanding Sales Achievement Awards year after year. Sara believes in the importance of communication and client services. From initial contact to project completion, Sara provides exceptional support for Warner Roofing Inc’s clients. Being a homeowner for many years and having awful experiences with contractors on her home and rental properties, Sara does not want any homeowner to go through this experience. Protecting your investment from the roof down is her priority. Using her expertise in real estate and roofing, there is no question that goes unanswered.

Sara and Andrew are the proud parents of a little girl and boy. After moving to Aurora in 2015, they decided this is where they wanted to raise their family and put down roots. They own 2 Properties in Aurora and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Robyn Warken is Warner Roofing’s Foreman and On-Site Project Manager. Robyn is an avid hunter and fisherman and enjoys his days off up north in the wilderness. Robyn has been roofing on and off since the age of 12 when he started as a laborer for his uncle who owned a reputable roofing company on Vancouver Island. Robyn worked and honed his roofing skills while going through pilot training and has been a commercial pilot for the last 7 years. Robyn flies float planes in northern Ontario and Saskatchewan.

He flies tourists into remote wilderness camps for fishing and hunting getaways. He spends the autumn living on remote native reserves flying the locals around to their traditional hunting grounds for moose, beaver and geese. Roofing was still a constant in his life, as while away in these remote area’s he would complete roofing projects for cabins, homes and cottages in northern Ontario, and quickly became known as the go-to roofer in the area.

Mike Polera is Warner Roofing’s General Manager. Mike brings over 20 years of management experience to the table and possesses more than a decade of experience in roofing and construction management. Mike is a great addition to the team and his tenure working in sales, marketing, operations, customer service and business management is key for Warner Roofing to continue to grow and expand.

Mike is a former professional musician and commercial flight enthusiast. He lives in York Region with his wife, two dogs and cat.

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